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Endodontics in

When an infection reaches the tooth’s sensitive inner pulp, the pain can be intense – it could feel as though your whole face and jaw are throbbing.

And that’s not the only potential sign that you may have a deep tooth infection: Sensitivity, swelling, pimples on the gum and discolouration are all further unpleasant symptoms.

If you experience any of these, it goes without saying that you’ll want to seek treatment fast.

Endodontic treatment from West Dental gives you fast, effective relief – and it could save your tooth from having to be extracted later on.


Gentler Endodontics

You may have heard endodontics referred to as root canal treatment. They are both names given to the technique of treating an infection that has penetrated deep into the tooth’s soft inner pulp.

In the past, root canal surgery had an unfair reputation as dentistry’s least-loved treatments. But all that has changed with new technology, gentler techniques and a softer approach to treatment.

In fact, at West Dental, it’s not uncommon for our patients to fall asleep in the chair while undergoing treatment.

Root Canal Treatment in Glasgow

Your root canal treatment will start with the gentle removal of the infected pulp. Then, we can thoroughly clean the area to make sure the tooth doesn’t get reinfected.

To ensure you’ll remain infection-free, we’ll then seal off the tooth with a crown to protect the site and prevent bacteria from re-entering.

In more severe cases, we can also prescribe antibiotics to help fight infection.


Root Canal FAQs

  • Treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes or up to an hour for more severe cases.

  • Root canal surgery is much more comfortable than it’s made out to be. We’ll administer an anaesthetic so that you won’t feel a thing. Over-the-counter pain relief will usually take care of any mild post-surgical discomfort you may experience.

  • We recommend taking the day off to give yourself a chance to heal after root canal surgery. However, many patients decide to go back to work on the same day, especially if their appointment is in the morning.

  • As dentists, we want to preserve your natural teeth whenever we can. It is best to avoid an extraction by performing root canal surgery if possible.

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