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Teeth Whitening in Glasgow

How does teeth whitening work?
By using a safe bleaching method on some or all of your teeth, you can achieve a more natural looking smile in as little as two weeks.

In order for the bleaching agent to be used correctly, we create a custom gum mould of your teeth, which fits comfortably in your mouth.

By applying the solution to the mould and wearing it for 4 hours a day or overnight, you’ll achieve a brighter, whiter smile in no time at all.

Achieve pearly white teeth

Following our simple teeth whitening plan, your teeth will get noticeably whiter in six weeks or less!

Get more compliments

With whiter teeth, more people will notice your smile and pay you compliments.

Boost your confidence

Give yourself some self-love. Just smiling at your reflection can give you a confidence boost.
“Karm is very friendly and professional. He makes you feel at ease being at the dentist.
– Sandeep Kundi

Frequently asked questions

Will teeth whitening hurt?
No, but very occasionally some patients notice sensitivity to cold that always returns to normal quickly after the treatment.
Is teeth whitening safe?
Yes, but only when performed by a registered dentist.

Where unlicensed salons, beauticians and other illegal providers go wrong is with the strength of the bleaching agent they use, result in extra-sensitive teeth and too low a dosage can result in poor results.

Additionally, the trays are often poorly fitted, leading to further gum irritation.

At West Dental, we only use premium teeth whitening solutions and trays meaning you get impressive results in a safe way.

How can I make teeth whitening last longer?
Typically your teeth whitening treatment will provide great results for up to three years. We recommend wearing your trays for one or two nights every six months to maintain the fantastic results.

Good teeth brushing and cleaning between the teeth is essential to reduce the build up of stains. Our dental hygienist, Laura, can also remove stains and help you keep your new bright smile.

Patient Testimonials

“I had been looking for a dentist in the Glasgow area for the last year or so to look after my teeth and am so glad that I kept searching – West Dental are phenomenal.”

– Grant Finlay

Dr. Jandoo is an excellent dentist. He makes me feel confident that he’ll always look for the best solution to any dental problem. He is also very approachable, polite and friendly.”

– Hazel Simpson

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