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Invisible Fillings

White Fillings in Glasgow

Why Consider White fillings?

White fillings are an attractive and natural looking alternative to traditional silver fillings. With shade matching and improved longevity, there’s a reason they are so popular.

White fillings also bond to your tooth. This means less drilling is needed and increased resistance to breakage.

Only the best materials are used in our white fillings, making them stronger and longer lasting.

Invisible to the passing eye

White fillings come in various shades to match your teeth.

Less drilling required

Unlike amalgam fillings, your teeth don’t need to be shaped to fit so less drilling is needed.

Increased resistance

The material used in our special white fillings means they are more resistant to breakages.

“I found Dr Jandoo to be so professional and informative about the treatment I was going to receive. I mentioned in my first visit that I’m a jazz fan and low and behold, I walked in for the second appointment and there was jazz playing the background.”

– Raju Mahindrui

How White Dental Fillings Work

Fillings replace parts of your teeth that have been lost because of decay or accidental damage.

White fillings are an attractive solution as they are practically invisible and are completed in a single appointment.

We will normally carry out fillings under local anaesthetic, during which time the affected area is cleared of decay, washed and dried and a bonding agent applied.

A resin filled with glass particles is placed on top of the bond (glue) in thin layers, each layer hardened with a near UV light, and polished to make it feel like a natural tooth.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I need a filling?
Fillings are used to treat cavities. These are holes that form in the tooth surface. When the enamel has been penetrated, there is a risk of infection spreading through the tooth and a filling helps to prevent this from happening. Your tooth will also feel stronger once it has been filled.
Why are white fillings better than mercury amalgam fillings?

White fillings are very discreet and it’s very hard to detect them. In contrast, metal fillings are much more noticeable and they can detract from the beauty of the smile. There are concerns about health and safety issues with mercury fillings and although they are approved for use in Scotland at the moment, amalgam has been banned for use in Children and is being phased out for adults across Europe.

How long do white fillings last?
Research suggests that white fillings will last between 5 and 11 years depending on the level of care for the teeth.
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Patient Testimonials

“Karm is the best dentist! He always makes you feel so welcome, his procedural etiquette is amazing – guiding you through the treatment, what he is doing and checking-in with how it feels, and my teeth are looking so healthy and pearly white!

– Hannah Howie

Dr. Jandoo is an excellent dentist. He makes me feel confident that he’ll always look for the best solution to any dental problem. He is also very approachable, polite and friendly.”

– Hazel Simpson

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