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Gaps, overcrowding and asymmetry are a smile’s worst enemy. The great news is, you’ll find plenty of orthodontic solutions on offer here at West Dental.

We offer traditional fixed treatment alongside discreet, removable Invisalign aligners. And if you need to see amazing fast results, ask about Six Month Smiles – the revolutionary fixed brace that achieves smile perfection in record time.

All of our orthodontic services are carried out by an experienced team of clinicians headed by our principal dentist and Invisalign expert Dr Karm Jandoo.

So, if you’re considering teeth straightening and are wondering which type of orthodontics are best suited to you, why not pop in to West Dental for a consultation.  


Our Orthodontic Range

Invisalign is a clear favourite among West Dental patients – and for good reason. The discreet, aligner is a hands-down winner in the looks department and it’s also easy to remove when eating and brushing your teeth – so it’s a much cleaner, more hygienic experience all-around.

Invisalign is just one of the orthodontic treatments on offer.

At West Dental, we also offer tried and tested fixed braces, with options for clear and tooth-coloured appliances if you’d like to keep treatment low-key.

For much faster treatment, ask about Six Month Smiles – the fixed brace that gets incredible results in just six months or less. It works by applying gentle pressure to the front six teeth on show when we smile. (Dentists call these the Social Six). Six month Smiles is perfect for treating minor orthodontic problems and great when there’s a big event like a wedding or graduation on the horizon.

Your Treatment Journey

At your initial consultation, we’ll assess your smile and let you know which options will work best for you.

If you decide to go ahead, our orthodontic team will start by taking digital 3D impressions of your teeth to begin work on designing your braces or aligner. For fixed braces or Six Month Smiles, this is carried out by skilled clinical dental technicians (CDTs) in our partner laboratory. If you choose Invisalign, we’ll send the impressions to their US lab.

Once we receive your appliance, you’ll be invited back to our Glasgow clinic to have it fitted.

You’ll need to check in regularly with our team to ensure treatment is progressing as planned. We’ll regularly make any necessary adjustments to your fixed brace or provide you with replacement Invisalign aligners.

Treatment time varies depending on how much your teeth need to move to achieve their ideal positioning. It could be as little as six months!


Orthodontics FAQs

  • Treatment with Six Month Smiles isn’t painful. Thanks to the system’s low-force straightening action, Six Month Smiles is much more comfortable than treatment with conventional braces. Some patients report minor discomfort, especially on the first day of treatment or after the appliance has been adjusted. However, this usually subsides within a day or two.

  • Treatment time varies depending on your chosen orthodontic system and the complexity of your treatment plan. With Six Month Smiles you can generally expect to see amazing results in the advertised time. Treatment with Invisalign or traditional fixed braces could take anywhere between 6-18 months. We’ll be able to give you a good idea of treatment time at your first consultation. 

  • Yes, you can usually have orthodontics even if you have missing teeth, although it does increase treatment complexity.

  • Retainers are the most reliable way of preventing orthodontic relapse, so you’ll need to wear one regularly afterwards to prevent teeth from moving back to their former position. The same is true for all orthodontic systems. 

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