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Dental Crowns & Bridges
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Why Consider A Crown Or Bridge?

A dental crown or “cap” is a covering that fits over a damaged, decayed or unattractive tooth to create the affect of a natural smile.

It’s an excellent long-term solution for people who need to restore the appearance of their teeth even though they have large pre-existing conditions.

A dental bridge is a fixed solution to replacing a missing tooth. It is held in place with support from the adjacent teeth.

Custom Made for You

Giving a natural looking smile

Replace missing teeth

A longer-term solution to gaps in your teeth

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“Karm is a brilliant dentist and most professional with a great attitude towards everyone. Great service.
– Ali Zabe

Patient Testimonials

“I had been looking for a dentist in the Glasgow area for the last year or so to look after my teeth and am so glad that I kept searching – West Dental are phenomenal.”

– Grant Finlay

Dr. Jandoo is an excellent dentist. He makes me feel confident that he’ll always look for the best solution to any dental problem. He is also very approachable, polite and friendly.”

– Hazel Simpson

Frequently asked questions

How long will crowns and bridges last?
On average fixed restorations lasts 7-15 years. This time can be reduced if you do not clean the teeth properly and allow gum disease or dental decay to affect the teeth. Also trauma can damage restorations in the same way it damages natural teeth.
I don't want really white false looking teeth, do crowns look false?
No, good crowns look highly realistic and can match to you existing teeth very well. If however you want a Hollywood smile you can have that also.
What is involved in having a crown, bridge?

Appointment 1: The area is often numbed with local anesthetic. The teeth are prepared so a restoration can fit over them. This preparation is highly intricate and takes about 20 minutes per tooth. After this an impression (mould) is taken of both jaws. You are then given a temporary crown or bridge that looks just like natural teeth. 

Appointment 2: We try in the crown/bridge and check that they fit well and look great. Once you give the go ahead, the restoration is cemented permanently onto your teeth.

How long does treatment take?

This will depend on your situation and clinical needs, however most treatments take 2 appointments over 1 or 2 weeks. You will have a temporary crown or bridge in the mean time. 

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