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Grinding your teeth in your sleep, drinking too many fizzy drinks or simply brushing too hard can all wear down the protective layers of your teeth and leave your smile looking less than its best.

Here at West Dental, we’re led by a skilled dentist who has a special interest in saving, restoring and rebuilding worn-down teeth, our Clinical Director, Dr Karm Jandoo.

No one is more equipped with the knowledge and experience to restore your smile when it comes to tooth wear. Karm has spent years exploring various minimally invasive techniques to successfully treat damage caused by abrasion, erosion, attrition, bruxism and more.

Using gentle treatments like composite bonding or complete smile makeover ones like veneers and crowns, we can offer you unique and bespoke treatment to give you a stunning smile once more.

How Does Tooth Wear
Treatment Work?

We offer a range of treatments to repair and restore your smile’s function, look, and feel. After a thorough consultation, we will design your unique treatment plan around the cause of your tooth wear.



Characterised by sensitivity and damage to the surface of your teeth, abrasion is one of the most common causes of tooth wear. It’s highly preventable, easily treated, and usually a result of abrasive habits like chewing pen lids, nail-biting, or brushing too hard.

If you’re suffering from abrasion, we can use tooth-coloured composite bonding to resculpt the surface of your tooth. Or – depending on the severity – create bespoke veneers to rebuild a protective layer and give you a natural-looking, fuller smile.



When your teeth frequently come into contact with acidity, the erosion causes your enamel to be weakened, and your teeth become sensitive. Symptoms include sensitivity, cracks, chips and teeth appearing more translucent. Things like drinking fizzy drinks, sugary foods and acid reflux all contribute to this issue.

Erosion is usually treated with minimally invasive composite bonding. Where your enamel is particularly weak, we might use a dental crown to improve the structure and appearance of your teeth, making your smile stronger for longer.



Attrition is caused by tooth-on-tooth contact called bruxism. If you grind your teeth from stress or unconsciously in your sleep, you’ll likely suffer from symptoms of attrition at some point.

Treating attrition is straightforward and usually revolves around tooth-coloured composite bonding. If your symptoms are severe, we might treat you with a dental crown or bridge to reform proper function back to your smile.

Whatever the cause of your tooth wear, at West Dental, we’ve got you covered. Your results will be stunning, and you can leave our clinic with a protected, restored smile that looks beautiful and sends your confidence sky-high.

Tooth Wear FAQs

  • You should brush twice a day and avoid acidic food and drinks to help keep your enamel intact. Rinsing your mouth with water after meals can also help wash away plaque build-up and eroding particles left behind from food and drink.

  • When a tooth is severely worn down, we might use a crown to help restore your tooth’s function. This includes back teeth, as they’re often needed for chewing and can come under the most strain from teeth grinding. That’s why restoring function for your back teeth is vital and can be done successfully with crowns.

  • When your enamel is eroded down, you can experience tooth sensitivity, your teeth can look a little shinier than usual, or they could be a slightly more yellowish shade. If your enamel is severely worn away, you’ll experience sensitivity that’s quite painful, and you should seek dental treatment as soon as possible.

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