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Give Your Wellbeing The Smart Start

At West Dental, we bring something new to the table. Our patients don’t just benefit from our dental treatments – our approach to wellbeing provides longevity for your physical and mental health too.

Excellent oral hygiene and good physical health can give you a more positive outlook on life. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the ultimate care, not just for your smile, but for all of you.

Design a Better Future

It’s never too late to adapt and change your lifestyle. Jennifer Singh is a clinical psychologist offering evidence-based practices to help your body and mind get healthier alongside your smile.

Jennifer offers a whole range of ideas to enhance cognition, day-to-day happiness and wellbeing – as well as helping you maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks and cancer.

In Jennifer’s care, you’ll be guided through strategies and solutions to bring a new lease of life to your physical health with advice on nutrition, diet, gut health, sleep and more.


Smoking Cessation

Smoking is up there with the very worst of smile-destroying habits – as well as taking a terrible toll on heart and lung health. If you need help quitting, Jennifer can help you take those first tough steps to break the habit. Smoking Cessation is the process of quitting, and it’s not easy. But, with Jennifer’s expertise, you can stamp cigarettes out of your routine for good.



Jennifer’s nutritional, diet and gut treatments can give you a sought-after insight into maintaining a healthy and balanced diet while being kind to yourself.


Mental Health

Your mental well being is vital in being able to maintain your physical and oral health too. But, if anxiety, depression or other conditions are obstructing you from being your best self, Jennifer Singh is here to guide, help and support you with her evidence-based self-care strategies.



Believe it or not, sleeping can be one of the healthiest activities you can do. It’s also the easiest! That said, not everyone knows that their sleep pattern could be affecting their overall health – and not in a good way. Treatment with Jennifer can see you sleeping better and living well as a result.

Wellbeing FAQs

  • New evidence is emerging all the time to show a link between oral and general health. It is thought that poor oral health could put you at increased risk of conditions like heart disease and even Alzheimer’s. That’s just one of the reasons why West Dental offers all-over wellbeing services with help from Jennifer.

  • Starting with small improvements is often the best tactic. At West Dental, you’ll receive all the information, care and support you need to overcome your habits tath are affecting your health, confidence and smile thanks to the expertise of Jennifer Singh.

  • If you’re scared of the dentist, Jennifer Singh can help you process your fears and develop coping mechanisms as well as soothe any anxiety or depression.

  • With the help of Jennifer, you improve and adapt your diet, nutrition and daily behaviour to curb the impact these things are having on your teeth. If you feel you want a brighter smile without the costly procedures, West Dental can help. 

  • Yes! Being happier causes you to smile more which is a classically attractive trait. At West Dental, we can not only improve the aesthetic of your smile, but we’ll also help you to maintain a healthy and happy mind.

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